Can't backup Win8 with WHS2011, what other alternatives?

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    Can't backup Win8 with WHS2011 (I get some security error with my Time/Date problem), what other alternatives?

    I need to wait for December for the windows 8 server essentials to be released, what can I do in the mean time to backup ?

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    Im using WHS 2007 without problems. Verify that you have the correct time,date and time zone on the server and computers. If the problem continue check the guide below.

    1. Guidance for Windows Home Server 2011

    Major functionalities work well when Windows 8 connects with Home Server 2011, below are 4 known issues you might experience during testing:

    Issue 1

    You need to Enable .net 3.5 in windows 8 in order to join WHS 2011


    When you tried to join a windows 8 client machine to WHS 2011, you will see a message indicating an unexpected error.


    You need to enable .Net Framework 3.5.

    To enable .Net Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 32bit OS

    1. Log on to the Widows 8 client machine.

    2. Click Start, Type Control Panel, and then press Enter to open Control Panel.

    3. Click Uninstall a program.

    4. Click Turn Windows features on or off.

    5. Check all .Net Framework 3.5 Items in pop-up Windows Features dialog.

    6. Click OK to Search and download required files, and then complete .Net Framework 3.5 Components installation.
    Not this issue only applies to WHS 2011.

    Issue 2

    Power setting of Client backup doesn’t work.


    When configuration client backup for windows 8 client, if user chooses to allow auto wake up for client backup, the setting will not take effect.

    Issue 3

    The thumbnail of picture folder is not displayed properly in Remote Web Access page.


    From the windows 8 client, open Remote web access site, navigate to picture page.

    The thumbnail inside the the folder that should display the pictures can not be displayed.

    Issue 4

    When user tried to access the share folders from client computers that had joined home group, user still get prompts for credential.


    Join the window 8 client machine to home group,

    Log on to the client, try to access the shared folder of the server, it still prompt user for credentials.

    Note this issue only applied to WHS 2011.
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