Can't connect lan via explorer (\\pcnameORip)

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Capum130, Mar 18, 2015.

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    I have a GVT PowerBox Pace V5471 (adsl modem and router) and an Intelbras SF 2400 QR (switch).
    A working local network and a working WAN.
    But one laptop with W7 won't access others PCs in the network via explorer (\\computernameORip).
    (1) I am able to ping others successfully via cmd, from this laptop.
    (2) Able to connect via Remote Connection to others via Windows Software.
    (3) Able to access internet with it.
    (4) Can see this laptop on modem DHCP table
    (5) Can see this laptop through Netowork on other machines.
    (6) Can access it via explorer from other machines (\\computernameORip)

    Tried Solutions:
    (a)Static IP - fail
    (b)Safe mode with network - fail (no computers appears, in oppose to normal mode which might be cache)
    ( c)Disable firewall (third party) - fail
    (d)Windows Diagnostic service - fail
    (e)ipconfig /release, /renew, /flushdns and /registerdns (in a correct manner) - fail