Can't downgrade Hp6715b f.20 bios

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    Mar 10, 2013
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    OS that I used is Windows vista home basic 32bit, I use hpqflash tool(hp55556.exe) to update bios from f.7 to f.20. Flashing was successful, but then computer restarts bios loads and it showed "Your BIOS failed to complete the update. Please ensure that you follow the correct procedures and try gain. This may require two sequential..." I tried again re-flash bios with that same method I used in begging but it again hpqflash flashed successfully bios, but then computer restarts-that stupid message was still there.
    I have tried 6715b_F.07_SLIC21__from_any_version( i think it was seus made)-that I tried was downgrade to f.7 but even patched hpqflash can't do that because program not allowed to re-flash with older bios version. I have tried Flash To dos-but again without success-I make bootable flash as in instruction was said, but 6715b can't boot that flash drive(bios say that drive is unusable.

    Please help me, what I doing wrong? Ho to get rid of "Your BIOS failed to complete the update..." or how to downgrade bios to f.7???