Can't find WAT on installed updates section

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    Oct 20, 2012
    Hi all.I'm new to this forum but I checked every topics about how to make non genuine win7 as genuine.It was stated in every topic that KB971033 WATu should be removed from the installed updates section in control panel.
    But my problem starts here.I just had to install Win7 x64 on my macbook pro to use software only runs on window.For 1 month everything was fine but yesterday my windows says it is not genuine, so I searched the forum.But the problem is I couldn't find the KB971033 on Control Panel -> System -> Windows Update -> Installed Updates list.
    So my question is what was i doing wrong? or that Windows Activation Technologies is blocked automatically?If it's blocked what should I do to remove WAT in order to use Windows 7 Loader and make it genuine?:confused::confused:

    Thanks in advance.
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    Aug 24, 2012
    hi, read this h t t p://!
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    Did you activate Windows 7? For new installations, you have a 30 day grace period and it sounds like your 30 days just ran out.

    KB971033 is an optional "update" in that it is possible to run successfully without it being installed; I've been doing that on several machines for about three years. Activation of some sort is required.

    Daz's loader and KB971033 are compatible, but you do need to understand its use.