Can't install VPC on Windows 7 Ultimate ""this update is not applicable to your compu

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by galdo, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. galdo

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    Dec 2, 2012
    I have Windows 7 Ultimate
    Version 6.1.7600 Built 7600 (msinfo32 doesn't say sp anything, so I guess no service packs installed).

    I can't install VPC on Windows 7 Ultimate, I get the error message "this update is not applicable to your computer"

    I noticed the MS site titled "Virtual PC" subtitled "XP Mode" specifies three things for download:-
    xp mode, virtual pc, and windows xp mode update

    I looked elsewhere from the first to so as to avoid having to download the is windows genuine checker thing utility.

    I got the XP mode executable from majorgeeks, and that installation completed without error.

    Virtual PC I tried
    -from softpedia Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg.msu 16MB
    then I saw MDL had a page with it so I tried that
    -from MDL linking to MS Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu 10MB

    I heard that there's a refresh package for after sp1, but neither of those msu files worked. Both gave the error message "this update is not applicable to your computer"

    Following the advice on two technet links, I looked at services.msc "windows module installer " it was installed and set to manual as was meant to be, though for the hell of it I clicked Start. Didn't help, still got the error.
    I tried running the msu file with /log:%TEMP%\a.log
    The log file wasn't readable txt though so I guess it was corrupt.
    It suggested the "system update readiness tool" though that requires running windows update which I guess maybe I should avoid. My Win 7 is an ISO I downloaded and sorted with Daz's Windows Loader
    I tried sfc /scannow (running cmd as administrator or with administrative privileges)
    It said it did not find any integrity violations

    Any suggestions?
    I'm considering trying another Windows 7 Ultimate ISO, as maybe this is a bad one, so perhaps people can recommend a particular one.

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    Nov 27, 2009
    @ galdo

    Not sure what to suggest re your VPC issue but in relation to downloading another copy of Win 7:
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  4. galdo

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    Dec 2, 2012
    Just what the doctor ordered.

    Ran that VPC link(Virtual PC 2007 sp1 30ish MB setup.exe), on the Windows 7 from MDL(Which I understand is hash checked identical to proper one), and looks like it worked perfectly. If not then i'll update this post!