Change Wrong Vendor Name in ASUS bios

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    [FONT=&amp]I replaced the motherboard in an HP computer for an ASUS one. I added HP certificates from SLIC 2.1, I've installed it and everything is all right, I just have a problem with changing information about the manufacturer from ASUS to HP. On the screenshot I marked what I would like to change.

    Motherboard model: P5GC-VM-v.0408
    BIOS information: AMIBios P5GC-VM-ASUS-0408
    SLIC 2.1 + certificates: HPQOEM_v2.1_Cert.xm-ms

    I'm attaching ori+mod BIOS file + screenshots with info.
    Would anyone be able to help me with the change(to HP)? I've never carried out such a modification and I would not like to damage the motherboard by incorrect BIOS modification. [/FONT]
    Asus_Slic.jpg ASUS_to HP.jpg

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