Clevo laptop modified bios for M76xSUN (for use with numeric keyboard from W76SUA)

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    Apr 24, 2014
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    The problem:

    My Clevo laptop model W761SUA damage the motherboard and i replace for M761SUN motherboard cause the design and connectors are the same.

    But the only problem is in the keyboard, cause W761SUA uses a long keyboard with numeric keypad, when attached to M761SUN motherboard some keys are out of position for example windows key not work and w key not work and some type another character.

    I need a special request for a Clevo laptop modified bios for M761SUN (for use with long numeric keyboard from W761SUA)
    I try to install EC/KBC bios from W716SUA in M761SUN but is not compatible with system.

    I check the EC/KBC bios anda they have different sizes:
    for W761SUA uses a 1.070kb
    for M761SUN uses a 1.028kb

    Is possible someone help in this case ? Thanks.