Cloud Computing - What It's All About

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    Sep 1, 2010
    Cloud Computing is basically just an Internet term that stands for hosted services that are offered on the Internet. These services mostly pertain to three different categories, IaaS which stands for Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS which stands for Platform as a Service and finally SaaS which stands for Software as a Service.

    Often, cloud symbols are used in flowcharts and diagrams that pertain to the Internet; hence the term cloud computing. Cloud computing is different from your standard hosting and it is divided up into three different characteristics which make it so different from typical hosting. Firstly, the service is actually managed by its provider, it's sold typically by the minute or even hourly and it also gives the user options. You have exactly what you want and how you want it. If you don't want a particular service, it's not forced upon you. You don't need anything special, apart from a computer and an Internet service provider. As of late, there has been an increased interested in cloud computing, mostly due to the struggling economy and rise of Internet speeds.

    Cloud service can either be private or it can be public. A public cloud caters to anyone on the Internet. If you want it, you can buy it. is currently the largest public cloud that is featured on the Internet. A private cloud only caters to specific people, not the public. The optimum goal for cloud computing is to provide easy access to computer resources and information technology.

    Cloud service is a great and effective way to run your business. Instead of having to take on the personal responsibility of running your own applications, you can do it on a shared data center. Businesses run various applications within the cloud these days and it's fairly quick to set up. Applications that are based within the cloud can be up and running within only a few days. If you want to run applications in the cloud, you only pay for what you use. Instead of having to pay for the application in advance, you pay for it monthly. Cloud computer may sound fairly simple, but the impact it would have on your business could be drastic. It's definitely worth checking into.
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    What I have a problem with is look how hard it is to secure your network from hackers and virus, etc. To me with cloud computing it well be even more of a nitemare. Maybe I am wrong because I have not been completing up with this subject. So, just my opinion.
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    cloud services are nothing more than another means to rob people of their hard-earned cash, overuse bandwith, and help with ISPs charging more for service...

    as far as i'm concerned i'll be glad when "cloud" crap goes the way of 3D--into the garbage...
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