CM Storm devastator vs TT esports Commander

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    Which one you will choose and why?

    CM Storm devastator vs TT esports Commander

    CM Storm Devastator:
    TT esports commander:

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    i have cm storm combo for past yr or so and wheel on mouse needs grease cause it squeaks.
    keyboard is ok but on mac and some linux the scrl lock LED turn on doesnt work if you dont catch it during boot.
    (edit: enable scroll lock mod3 or something.)
    keys are rarely a little hard to press if mispressed angle (might be the ashes from ciggs n other smokables), add grease to them by popping them out.
    for the price.. id recomend it for someone thats not too picky and has a tube of lube.

    friend ordered green one and felt much better quality than mine thats 12 mo old.
    no squeaking mouse wheel