.cmd to mkdir with a custom icon.

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    Hi guys.

    tn trying to get a script together that will make a folder and make this folder have a specific icon. In fact a custom icon.

    My scripting ability is very quite poor and what I have read online confuses me.

    I know

    mkdir C:\Apps
    simple enough.

    I know how to manually change the icon but would like to learn a script for this.

    Just wondering now, could a custom icon be added to a .dll file and integrated into windows.

    Talking about Windows 7 x64

    cheers for any tips and help..:biggrin:
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    All you need to know is here

    Of course you need to create desktop.ini , so read this and this

    Excellent source of icons is here

    So I done the homework for you, I hope...

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    Sep 2, 2008
    cheers..Will give those a good reading
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    Sep 2, 2008
    Gone about it slightly different.

    I will try to explain what I wanted to do.

    I windows 7 I make a folder in C:\ called "APPs". This is where I paste all my software shortcuts. Word, notepad, etc etc.
    It saves cluttering up the Desktop and the Start Menu. I make the folder view "Large Icons" so when I open this folder I can easily see which software I want to run.
    It reminds me of how Windows 8.1 Start Menu looks and works. Well a little bit.

    I wanted to have this Apps folder pinned to the Taskbar and Also added to the "Send To" context menu on the right click.

    This I have achieved all through one simple batch file. Well at the mo there are separate batch files for each process but easily made into one.

    Then my aim is to add this to a "RUNONCE" via the $OEM$ folder so each time I do a fresh Windows 7 install my new folder structure is all set up waiting for me.

    This is yet to be tested but I do have all the elements already working in a couple of $OEM$ files already.

    Not managed to make a folder with a custom icon but I don't really need to. It was just the "APPs" folder shortcut which needs to be a custom icon and this I have achieved.

    Sounds a bit long winded i know but once I have set it up and working it will all be worth it.

    If there is a long way round to do summet, I will find it...:D