Coincidental faults? Or something else.

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by ryouga, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. ryouga

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    Apr 15, 2008
    Ok back in October I broke my monitor by knocking it over, I replaced it for a few months with a tv I was going to sell.

    The coincidental part I will describe, never had any problems except on Windows 7 and if it had videos on a webpage, I would be fine till I scrolled and a video was on screen and the res on tv would change, if I did it too fast i.e zoomed past the video so the tv didn't have a chance to change res it would cause a display crash and recovery, Facebook was impossible to use because of people putting videos in their posts but gaming was fine, youtube was fine, any streaming site was fine.

    I then built a new pc and placed the board from the main pc into another case, with different hard drive, ram, cpu, optical drive ssd and power supply but put a 780ti and a sound card in it.

    Didn't have any problems for a week (new build took longer than I thought as ordered wrong motherboard) then had a issue with streaming video again, not same as before but if I selected anything but tv speaker sound i.e hdmi, if you attempted to use sound card it worked for a second then went fuzzy, or it worked no problem but lets say I opened a 2nd video audio cut out totally with a split second "hiss"

    I assumed sound card or graphics card.

    Took both out and ran it with onboard seemed ok.

    Friend wanted to buy pc so I sold it to him, hes now having a issue but different than before, sound is fine but gets random crashes, seems to be either when hes playing a game or loading something like spotify.

    He put his own graphics card in.

    I did tell him to check if the pins were bent on the board and he can't find any, and tells me sometimes he can game for 2-3 hours no problem and other times the whole pc crashes when a game or spotify opens.

    Hes using Windows 10 though and had to change to creators edition as the other one refused to update.
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    Mar 14, 2018
    The monitor which came with my Dell computer was really slow when I used a HDMI cable connection to the video card. When I switched to Digital or VGA, everything worked quick and fine. I eventually replaced the monitor with a 42" LCD TV which I bought for $30 (the tv tuner didn't work but otherwise, everything works great!). The HDMI on the TV is more stable than the Digital or VGA, go figure.

    I'm using an MSI GeForce GTX1050Ti and Windows 10 Creators...everything is working great now.