Combined: Seedbox and a VPN

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by karlo, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Jan 20, 2010
    Hello everyone.

    Currently looking for both. A Seedbox and a VPN service. If you offer both, please give me a discount on both. Much better if you offer those two services. I'm just a newbie here. I need a seedbox, I'm not totally familiar with the linux shell commands but I am a bit familiar with using Ubuntu, the GUI. I just want the seedbox to have uTorrent or any torrent client that has webUI or a GUI so that it's easier for me to manage it. If it has a feature that I can stream the videos that I downloaded using VLC that would be great as well as the following wherein I'm not familiar with but from what these sound like, I find them awesome (maketorrent, autodl-irrsi and ruTorrent). It would be great if I can remote access it like VNC or something. I also wanna run a web browser there, because there are some sites that I use, wherein I always wanna appear to be online. My laptop cannot afford to be turned on for 24/7 just to be online in those sites. For the VPN service, I mainly use the U.S server. I will be using it for checking out some items through and yes of course swiping my credit card, I wanna be protected and secured, that's why I'll be using the VPN service for that. Oh and for watching movies via Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. I am planning to use it via directly my router. I heard PPTP is already crackable. It would be great if it supports L2TP and IPSec. OpenVPN, I'm really not much of a fan. For U.S Dollars, my budget is less than $25. For Euros less than 20(euros). I guess I can pay more than those amounts that I mentioned as long as the VPN service is already included. Hopefully it is included. Please offer me your cheapest price and offer. Please give me discounts for both. Newbie here. Oh yeah for the Seedbox, if you can offer unmetered or unlimited bandwidth that would be great. If there's gonna be a limit, it's okay, as long as my account will still run properly, it's okay for you to reduce the speed. But hopefully, my download speed would not be reduced. For the VPN, I am on a 5mbps connection. I hope I can completely utilize my ISP's speed. Lastly for the Seedbox, having a 1Gbps network would be great. But a 100Mbps is okay already.