COMPAL IFL91 BIOS 1.07... how to update? NEED HELP!? PLEASE, I BEG YOU!

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by sulyomoon, May 22, 2012.

  1. sulyomoon

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    May 22, 2012
    My only survived computer is Compal IFL91 with bios 1.07
    I am quite sure I need to update since DVD drive is reading only classic CDs... There should be also bluetooth inside, but I've read that its not recognized because this old bios... As well it is possible that its just not installed inside since in some chinese village they ran out of bluetooth units so they just didn't install them inside, also this is possible.. BUT DVD should work, as well some better cpu maybe?

    How do I upgrade to 1.18 (i've heared that this is the newestone)... Can I jump straight to 1.18 or there is step by step the only way?
    In some pdf i've read (intel compatibility pdf that I cannot link since I am such a noob) that IFL91 can take also (besides T7250 that I changed to T7500 without the problemos) cpus like T8300... up to T9500 (excluding C2Duo Extremes, since I can just get wet panties from the price of those CPUs)
    Main thing... how to upgrade BIOS, whichone I need for this COMPAL IFL91... Please help to me small noob... I need this love of mine to work normally since I can't even put win7 dvd inside to install it:(
    ow... I use 32bit winXP
    3GB ram
    110GB disk
    965 inner intel graphix
    poor poor but my onlyone

    I Love You All :hug2:, with all your enthusiasm and I hope I didn't make a mess out of this forum:(
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