Compatibility Slic modded bios with Hackintosh ???

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    Aug 4, 2009

    Well i explain you my situation :

    Actualy i have an ASUS P8P67 Pro Rev 3.0 with bios 2303 (not original bios , see the explaination)

    I have too in a separate HDD the MAC OSX mountain lion but before i installed that i was making a flash with a modded bios for supporting the intel speedstep and the cpupowermanagment for working with osx cuz what i have understand osx work with eufi bios and need to read and write something who is locked b default with original asus stocked bios.

    Well with this bios modded i downloaded all work perfectly BUT no i have new 3 Tb HDD and for enjoy this one fully i read than i need install windows 7 in UEFI, well i have make that but the problem is the activation. I read than i need a moded bios for injecting Slic information and after activate w7 with the 2 vbs script cuz the daz loader dont work in GPT partition....

    If i moded my bios who's already modded for hackintosh, that will working or not ????

    I'll can activate with gpt partition w7 ???

    Don't have any bad effect with OSX ???

    I 'd like economise time and be safe for don ' t briking my MB

    Thank you for your answer
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    It can be possible for DSDT modding (for OSX) and SLIC modding (for Windows) simultaneously. Daz's loader works on UEFI/GPT systems if its SLIC modded, cause it just installs appropriate cert and serial.

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  3. pretoleane

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    Aug 4, 2009
    Whaooo answered very fast :)

    Ok you answer all my question

    I cant test all now cuz i m at work but when i'll back i ll make that and post the result ;)

    Thank you again
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    if it dont work u can flash old back.
    but it will work.

    i have G31M-ES2L rev1 with slic 2.1 and osx10.6.8/10.7.x in spare hard disk
  5. pretoleane

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    Aug 4, 2009
    Yes that working ;) i have taking the 2303 stocked bios firmware , patched to slic 2.1 and patched again for osx, installed windows 7 and activate it with daz loader ;)

    Yeah for flashing the bios i needed downgrade to 2103 and upgrade with 2303 modded ;)

    I can' t with bios 3xxx cuz have an issue problem with osx where the soundcard is broken....

    Now i m installing osx 10.8.3 cuz with my ati 7870 don't have driver for 10.8.2 and i prefer make new fresh install