(Comprassion)Method To Disable Apps

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    So Devices Nowadays Are Totally Bloated With Vendor App GAPPS Etc Etc
    So User Using Many Method To Get Rid Of It But Which One Is Better?

    Yes Enable Developer Option> Then Enable USB Debugging> Change Default USB Config to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Then Connect Your Devices To PC.

    And From PC> Download ADB File> Extract ADB File> Then Open It Via CMD:

    +Can Disable And Enable System Apps
    +Can Uninstall System Apps
    +Can Control App Ops

    -Only Able to Uninstall Apps From User (Usually 0 Or Work Profile Or Other User)
    -If App And App Ops Is Restricted Then There Is Nothing That You Can Do Except Root Via SuperSU Or MagiskSU
    -Need Using Command And Understand Every Flag
    -Cannot Do Any Batch Operations
    (Except Using Third Party Software Such As Debloater)

    Like ADB You Need To Enable Developer Option And USB Debugging And Change Default USB Config To MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) Then Connect To PC

    Via PC Make Sure You Already Have ADB File And Ready To Use
    Then Type ADB Tcpip 5555:

    +Can Do Any Batch Operations (Via Third Party ADB Powered Apps Like Brevent)
    +Can Uninstall, Reinstall, Disable And Enable System Apps Easily Via Android Apps
    +No Need To Stay Connected (Except To Re-Enable Wireless ADB A.K.A ADB Tcpip 5555)
    +No Need To Type Any Command (Do All ADB Task Via Android Apps)

    -Again If Restricted Then All You Can Do Is Root Your Devices
    -Wireless ADB Won't Survive After Restart need To Re-activate Again
    -Only Able To Uninstall App From User

    You Can Use Third Party API or FrameWork To Do This Job For You (Like Island But You Need To Use ADB To Make Island As Devices Owner):

    +Can Freeze Or Disable And Enable Apps
    +No Need ADB Everytime (Only Need 1 Time To Make Relate App Device Owner)
    +Can Uninstall And Reinstall System Apps

    -If Restricted Then Root Is Only Way To Bypass It
    -Need Devices Owner Mode (Excample: Island)

    Yes Root Your Devices Via SuperSU Or MagiskSU:

    +Can Uninstall System App Completely
    +Able To Move App To System And User
    +Able To Disable System App
    +Able To Bypass Restriction

    -Safety.net Auto Fail Even With MagiskSU
    -UBL Causing You Lost Or Void Your Own Warranty
    -Have Many, High And Dangerous Risk Especially For Newbie
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