(Comprassion) Way's To Access System Framework

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    Before Start:
    SM Mean Shizuku Manager
    WADB Mean Wireless ADB

    Hi So You Are Using Wireless ADB Or Adb Directly From Pc Or Root Or SM To Control All Apps Or Accessing Framework System

    which one is better?

    Shizuku Manager Allow User To Use System Framework Directly (But All Adb Powered App Should Have API SM Implementation First):

    +Simple (Install App That Have SM Implementation Then Connect The App To SM)
    +Efficient (Quick And Simple
    Just Grant SM Or Start SM Server After That All App Can Connect And Can Use android framework directly Without Need To Grand USB Debugging)

    -Need Wireless ADB
    -Only Able To Start Via Script (Version 3x.x / 2018 Only. For
    Version 4.x.x Is Not Affected)
    -ADB MODE: Cannot Bypass System Or Vendor Restriction

    Allow All ADB Powered App To Use Framework On System Directly:

    +Easy To Use (Open The App And If Request ADB Is Appear Then Tap Allow)

    -Need To Activate Via ADB CMD (ADB Tcpip 5555)
    -You Need To Grant Each ADB Powered App One By One
    -LADB Won't Survive After Reboot So Need Reactivate Again

    +Systemless More Safe (MagiskSU Only)
    +Survive Even After Reboot (It's Permanent
    Except If You UnRoot Your Devices)
    +Bypass All Restriction From Vendor Etc Etc

    -Need UBL Cause Warranty Lost
    -High Risk Wrong Step (Even A Little) Will Cause Your Devices Brick
    -Safety.net Auto Fail (Even MagiskSU)

    Root Is The Best Bet But Have High And Many Risk Also Dangerous For Newbie

    ADB Or Wireless ADB Still Best Alternative If No Method To Root Your Devices Or You Not Ready To accept the risk

    Shizuku Manager Is Alternative But Not Recommended Due To Limitation And Implementation System

    So Which One You Will Choose?

    Best Regards
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