Confused about which training to take, MCSE 2008 vs 2012?

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by ian82, Jan 29, 2013.

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    Mar 7, 2012
    I have been talking to a company called K Alliance regarding taking some online courses.

    They are confusing me, the thing is they offer MCSE 2008 (it's actually MCTP and MCTIP he said) online course and i've had a test course it's pretty decent and the beauty of it you can access the courses from anywhere.

    Now for the 2012 he said Microsoft brought back the actual MCSE course but they don't have them online only on DVDs and they dont have the crash exams for them too.

    He did say that almost all companies are using 2008 Server and not 2012 so I'm better off with the 2008 course but I'm thinking on the long run, wouldn't it be better for me to start off with the latest? and to be honest with you I have never heard of this MCTP certificate which he was referring to I only have heard of MCSE before

    I am confused at this point and don't know what to go for

    The MCTP / MCTIP 2008 course is $1000 + plus 1 year access to their entire training courses which include office 2010 and adobe photoshop CS 6 and oracles, etc.

    The MCSE 2012 course is $1500 and only comes on DVDs so no access to other course

    please advice me

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