Consistent, possibly multi-week, error witha Software Protection Service run

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by esdtowimseeker, Aug 12, 2015.

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    Aug 4, 2015
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    Regularly - sometimes like every couple of minutes, the SPP runs and spews a bunch of data into the event logs with one item apparently being an error message (Event ID 1003):

    9e473b6d-b591-4c46-9c44-90a865f22e76, 1, 1 [(0 [0x00000000, 1, 0], [(?)( 1 0x00000000)(?)( 2 0x00000000 0 0 msft:rm/algorithm/hwid/4.0 0x00000000 0)(?)(?)( 10 0x00000000 msft:rm/algorithm/flags/1.0)(?)])(1 )(2 )]
    Doing numerous variations on this with Google Search returns nothing useful as a resolution path.

    As such, I really need help ending this error - this is happening on a validly-licensed Windows 8.1 Pro upgraded from Windows 8 Pro.

    Note - this error MAY be preventing updates on Apps as well though I am certainly not sure about that. But that "1, 1" value in that line up there SHOULD read as "1, 0" based off of comments elsewhere.

    Though I have no verification of it, someone in my search results commented that this may be the result of a hardware change that may affect some sort of licensing of something - again, though, everything Windows says about my Windows is perfectly fine with licensing (and has been for years) and I did not change any hardware PRIOR to this error showing up weeks ago -a couple days ago, however, I replaced a going-bad C: harddrive with a backup harddrive that had an image of the system from last week. This, however, very much was done after the errors started showing up.

    Any help solving this would be appreciated, not only by me but by many many people out on the 'Net wih have posted similar queries without resolution.
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    That's the SPP license check, and it returns successful validation (0x00000000).

    Event ID 1003 = "The Software Protection service has completed licensing status check."

    I have 1,1 too, and never had any problem.
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  3. esdtowimseeker

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    Aug 4, 2015
    Yeah, I've never seen any verifiable side-effects of these entries; I just never noticed them prior to a month (maybe more) ago.