CONTEST - 10 Google Wave invitations!

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    I suppose many of you have heard of Google Wave so I will go straight to the point, I received 16 invitations Google Wave 10 of them and give them the site, all I want to do is send an email to @ in which to write "I want to receive an invitation Google Wave" contest begins on December 1 at 10:00 and ends at 22:00 the same day! E-mails will be chosen at random site so I will not tolerate complaints from those who will not entertain. Winners will be announced at 22:30. I should mention that I will send invitation ID that I send e-mail. You will receive invitations in more than 24 stops from sending them because of the slow processing of Google Wave. Good luck to all!


    P.S.: translated with Google Translate

    you can start to make requests now, the ofert is available only for 4 more hours