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    I have some very old computers that don't have very big drives. I have updated them from 8 to the latest 8.1 leak (16601) and am wandering if it would be better to do a clean install of the latest version so I don't have all those updates on the drive? Or if I can delete the old updates if that will make a difference?

    I read somewhere that the footprint of the latest leak (16601) was only 10GB compared to 16GB for the last version (16384). Don't know if that is true or not, but if it is, that would help with machines that have small drives.

    I am currently running vl enterprise x86 on some and x64 on others. I like to keep them cleaned up and don't download a bunch of junk, only great stuff from MDL. Even thou they are old machines, they run the new version quite well.
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    disk cleanup removes updates, but to avoid garbage before the updates you should install rtm and then the .msu leaks
    the first iso leak around here freezes when getting the two new updates (the big msu file and the small one).

    IMO, should install 8.1 rtm, mtk activate it and then install updates from windows update, no program or drivers yet, install the small msu, and at last the big one
    (takes long with the big one, like a 7 or vista service pack 1 back in the days)