Convert identical Compaq board to HP? (Bios issue)

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    I am repairing a PC with a failed motherboard. The computer is an HP (S5310Y) with a M2N68-LA (rev 6.01) motherboard.

    I bought a replacement motherboard for it, which is identical, but appears to be a Compaq version instead of an HP. When I boot it up, it requires activation, wile the original was still factory activated. It also has a Compaq splash screen.

    This is the board I bought

    I found this post, and after trying to flash the non-modded HP bios, it fails stating it is the wrong system type. I would also be happy with a Compaq modded bios, but I cant find oone of those either because I don't know which original system type it was.

    Is it possible to flash an HP bios to this Compaq motherboard? The boards appear to be exactly the same, the model is the same (and revision) and physically appears to be the same. I just want the slic data to exist, or to match the original board, but I can't seem to get either one. Is it possible backup the existing bios and mod that one? I hope someone can help!

    Thanks in advance!


    I got it working. I used this tool to back up the existing bios file and then used this tool to inject the SLIC data.

    I rebooted, and sure enough, Windows is back to being activated. SLIC toolkit confirms the mod worked. I figured I would leave this up in case anyone else runs into this same issue.
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    Great job you got your mod working. I had similar experience with HP Pavilion with an Asus M2N68-LA Narra MB

    It took ages but like you i managed the same results.
    I resolved my issues with this motherboard and posted here
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