Converting a factory Dell XP Pro SP3 Reinstall cd to Gateway

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    I've been sifting through the previous posts and I found a lot of information on how to flip Retail to VLK, etc and it may be something so simple that it is not mentioned because it is obvious.


    Everything in our fleet is new from Dell, so I have a ton of these factory reinstall cd's. Recently, we got a pallet of used Gateway's sans OS and I want to put them into service by converting a Dell reinstall cd to run on the Gateway.

    I found this thread to pull data without an installed OS:

    ... and I was able to get this information:
    F:Gateway OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=A04597C6
    F:Gateway & eMachines OEMBIOS.CAT CRC=C86378C7
    I have a vague ideal that I will need to reburn the cd after replacing some files, but I don't know what those would be or what to do with the CRC info yet.

    Are there any RTFM/FAQ/links that someone could point me to on how to get this done?

  2. crayoxide

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    Jan 21, 2010
    Thanks for the help, cd burning as I type.

    Why download the uncompressed files, out of curiosity?
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    I dunno, for a single replacement as yours the compressed would have worked just fine, uncompressed files are more suitable for multi oem systems, eg Google 'oemscan' and find the topic over @msfn to get more details on that.