Corupted BIOS HP - Compaq CQ71

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    Jul 12, 2013
    Hello everybody,

    I've read a lot of threads on this forum about fixing a corrupted BIOS but I still coudn't solve my problem. That's when I decided to post my problem here, hopefully somebody can help me!

    When I turn on my laptop, it shows the compaq logo and freezes. I tried a lot of things, here is a short summery:
    1. Disconnecting the harddrive and DVD-player;
    2. Disconnecting the wireless module -- now the BIOS gives a message saying the wireless module is not connected or functioning well -- It says to press enter to continue the BIOS setup, but when I do nothing happens, it is frozen again;
    3. Disconnecting and try the memory modules separately, still same result;
    4. Removing the BIOS battery for a while -- Now the CMOS settings signature is corrupted, the settings will be reset, the only thing I have to do is press Enter (according to a message on the screen).. nothing happens.. turn the laptop off and on shows the same message, however, when I turn the laptop off and on and bash the enter key like my live depends on it a black screen shows (without any message or whatever). When I turn it off and on again it shows the compaq logo again, so the settings have been reset :). however it, still freezes;

    5. Created a USB key, according to this thread:
    6. Used different names, according to this thread:
    7. Created a USB-key like this forums.mydigit (except I don't have a .sig file)
    8. Finally I tried to make the USB-key with "HP BIOS Update UEFI ", my laptop was not in the support list and yet it didn't work :(.

    Currently everything (except the keyboard, power button, sound and memory modules) is disconnected from the motherboard. Every time at step 5 to 8 I followed this procedure: power on and hold the Windows and B key. My laptop starts to beeping, then I see my USB-key flash-light going on (this means the USB-key is being read, at this point no beep), the flash-light turns off and my laptop starts beeping again, every second (still hearing that beep, is that okay :p ?). The same happens when I disconnect and connect my USB-key again, a flashlight on the usb key, lovely silence and two-three seconds later it starts beeping again.

    I hope there is somebody on the forum who can help me restoring the BIOS? Thanks in advanced :)!

    The BIOS can be downloaded from here:
    Model: HP Compaq CQ71-120ED