Create your own Customized and unattended windows 7 DVD

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    Hi all
    First of all,i should say that going through microsoft's documents to do works,makes me (and
    many of my friends) very confused !!! may be this is because of my poor english ??!!

    I have placed this tutor in boot-land site few days ago,and i think may be it will be usefull here too.
    In this tutor we are going to use windows XP sp3 and make a windows 7 Ultimate DVD 32bit,that is
    a little bit customized and automatically will install programes below at last part of
    installation proccess (first logon) :

    Officxe 2007
    and some other programs.

    And also :

    will make some registary settings to speed windows 7 running.
    will add our favorite themes and wallpapers to system.
    will use our favorite Desktop wallpaper after setup.
    will have some portable programs to be used by user and their shortcuts in start menu.
    will have logon screen by our favorite background picture.

    Also The setup process will use our favorite background picture.

    Note: During tutor we need to make several directories ,because of keeping the tutor to be as
    small as possible ,i will not say create these directories,i will say that save xxx in yyy
    directory.this means you should make this directories.
    Step_01 Getting ready
    1.Create a directory some where (For example i made F:\Sources directory).

    2.For auto installing your favorite applications during setup ,you should make them silent and it is
    better to make a single auto executable file for each application.for example i made auto executable
    files for each of my silent installing apps(like Officxe 2007,7zip ,firefox and....).
    When you made the auto/silent executable files for your favorite applications,put all of them in
    F:\Sources\Windows\MCS directory.

    3.Create a bat file to run these files in order. name it for example RUN.CMD then put it in
    F:\Sources\Windows\MCS directory.your bat file should be some thing like below:

    START /wait Winamp.exe
    START /wait 7-z465.exe
    START /wait thempatcher.exe -silent
    START /wait FireFox.exe
    START /wait Office.exe
    START /wait DirectX.exe

    4.Create a registry file (for example mytweak.reg) and put it in F:\Sources\Windows\MCS directory.and
    for silent applying this reg file add command below to "F:\Sources\Windows\MCS\RUN.CMD" file.

    REGEDIT /S %WINDIR%\MCS\myTweaks.reg

    You can find many registry tweaks for windows 7 by googling web.

    5.If you want to disable hibernation in windows 7 ,add command below to "F:\Sources\Windows\MCS\RUN.CMD" file :

    powercfg -h off

    6.If you have some portable applications that can run in windows 7,put all of them inside :
    "F:\Sources\Program Files\MCS Portable" directory.

    7.If you want to have your favorite pictures ready in windows 7,convert them to jpg format and rename
    them as img0 ,img1,img2 ... then put them in "F:\Sources\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\MCS" directory.

    8.Download your favorite themes for windows 7 ,and extract all of them in "F:\Sources\Windows\Resources\Themes"

    Step_02 Select you favorite version of windows 7
    Note:The real setup files in windows 7 are boot.wim and install.wim that are located in "source"
    directory inside win 7 setup DVD.

    1. Copy contents of your windows 7 setup DVD to for example F:\MyWin7 directory .

    2. Download Gimagex and extract it some where then copy files below from extracted
    directory to to F:\Gimagex directory:
    gimagex.exe (32 bit version)
    gimagex_com.dll (32 bit version)

    3. You need some more files to add to F:\Gimagex directory ,these needed files are included in WAIK ,so
    get files below from your friends and place them in F:\Gimagex\ directory.



    4.Most of windows 7 setup DVD's that i have seen,include mor than one version of windows 7,and during
    setup, user should select witch one to be installed.In this tutorial i prefer to have just "Ultimate"
    version in my DVD so i should delete other versions,so do as below:

    a).Run F:\Gimagex\gimagex.exe

    cool.gif .In comming window go to "Delete" tab,click on "Browse" and get F:\MyWin7\sources\install.wim

    c).Click on "select" button,it will show all versions that are included ,for example you will
    see a list as below :

    windows 7 starter
    windows 7 home
    windows 7 professional
    windows 7 Ultimate
    Here we want to have just "Ultimate" version,so we should delete other versions.note that we can delete
    each unneeded version ,one by we select "starter" and then click on delete.after about 1 minute,
    program will say it is successfully deleted.
    You should repeate this process untill you have just ultimate 32bit edition.

    Step_03 Customizing setup process and installed windows 7
    Here we need to extract some origional files of win 7 ,and edite them to act as we like.Note that For
    modifying win 7 files or adding/delating some files ,we need to get access to contents of wim files .
    We can see/change files inside wim images,easyly by using comertial or freeware tools.for exampe we can
    use 7zip to extract contents of install.wim (or boot.wim) to some directoy,then edite needed files or
    add some files to that.
    We must convert edited source to wim image to be able to use that in our setup DVD.But there are few
    tools that can do this job.

    Here we want to do customizations below:

    _Change setup background picture to our favorite
    _We want to have our picture in logon window
    _We want to have our favorite picture in User Account Pictures

    For this jobs we need to edite files below in win 7 source files:

    and also some pictures.

    Important Note:As i undersrand there are two kinds of files inside win 7 source files ,some of them are
    coded and you should/can not change them,if you do you will have problem after installation.for example
    the original theme background images are coaded ,so if you change them,after installation ,you will
    have black background.!!
    so for having our favorite pictures as background for themes we should do other way that i will tell
    my way during tutor.

    1.Make directory F:\mount

    2.Run F:\Gimagex\gimagex.exe

    3.Go to "Mount" tab.In "Mount point" section click "Browse" and give the address: F:\mount then in "Source"
    section click "Browse" and give the address: F:\MyWin7\sources\install.wim

    4.Enable "Read and write" option" then click on "Mount" button.After a while it will say that install.wim is
    mounted.At this time contents of install.wim will be ready toread\write in F:\mount directory.
    Do not close GimageX yet and go to next step.

    5.Go to F:\mount\windows\system32 directory,and Extract files below from there to some place for example your

    6.For now ,go out of F:\mount directory and in Gimagex window in "unmount" select the mounted image then click
    on "unmount" button ,after a while the program will say that image is unmounted.

    7.Close Gimagex.

    8.Use resource hacker or any other your favorite resource tool,and change images inside these two files.then
    save them in F:\Sources\Windows\System32 directory.this two files will change setup backgroung picture and
    logon back ground.

    9.extract file ARUNIMG.dll (from F:\MyWin7\sources directory) some where,then images inside that by reshach then
    replace by origional one.this will change back ground if you are using setup inside windows,not from boot by DVD.

    Step_04 More Customization
    At this time we are almost ready to do the last process.But we need to make some more files to add to our source do as below:

    1.We have some unattended/silent applications that should be run during last part of installation .so we
    should tell to setup process when and from where ,it should do this job.In this tutor i use the easiest way
    possible.i create a shortcut for RUM.CMD and put that in special place to be run by system in first logon.
    create a shortcut for RUN.CMD by properties below:

    and put that in F:\Sources\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup directory.

    2.Create your favorite picture for User Account (128x130 24bit bmp),name it user.bmp and save that in:

    F:\Sources\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures

    3.If you have placed some portable tools in F:\Sources\Program Files\MCS Portable directory,now it is time to
    put shortcut for them in start menue.In this tutor i placed 3 freeware portable programs below :

    Ad7Icon Changer.exe
    Logon background changer.exe
    Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe

    so i created shortcuts for them,by commands below and saved them in
    F:\Sources\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\MCS Tools directory.


    for Ad7Icon Changer.exe
    Target:"%ProgramFiles%\MCS Portable\Ad7Icon Changer.exe"
    start in :"%ProgramFiles%\MCS Portable"

    for Logon background changer.exe
    Target:"%ProgramFiles%\MCS Portable\Logon background changer.exe"
    start in :"%ProgramFiles%\MCS Portable"

    for Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe
    Target:"%ProgramFiles%\MCS Portable\Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe"
    start in :"%ProgramFiles%\MCS Portable"

    4.There are some back ground pictures that you see during different process of setup that you can change them.
    for example you can make your favorite picture (name:background.bmp 1024x768 24bit) and put it in:
    F:\Sources\Windows\System32\oobe directory.

    There are other things that we can add.but i am tired and this tutorial is going to be very i cut it here.

    Step_05 Last Step

    As i said above ,we can do a lot of other changes,for example we can add unattended,xml to have setup prossess
    but i want to keep the tutor as small as posible.So let's finish it.

    1.Run F:\Gimagex\gimagex.exe an go to "Mpunt" tab.

    2.In "Mount point" section click "Browse" and give the address: F:\mount then in "Source"section click "Browse"
    and give the address: F:\MyWin7\sources\install.wim

    3.Enable "Read and write" option" then click on "Mount" button.After a while it will say that install.wim is
    mounted.At this time contents of install.wim will be ready to read\write in F:\mount directory.Do not close
    GimageX yet and go to next step.

    4.Copy all contents of F:\source directory ,then paste in root of F:\mount (overwrit)

    5.Get out of F:\mount directory,then in Gimagex window enable "Commit changes" ,select install.wim then
    click on "unmount" button.

    6.Wait untill gimagex finish and then close it.

    Now your F:\MyWin7 directory has your customized files and you can make iso of that and use it.

    hope will be some help

    shirin zaban
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    May 21, 2007
    You are making things really hard for your self normal method is to run your scripts from
    folder normally the script would be called setupcomplete.CMD same with your shortcuts they can be added to $OEM$ folder and will automatically be copied also no mention of activation.
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    Oct 24, 2010
    In boot-land no body allowed to write about activate ,....and else
    I know the OEM folder methode,but this is just a tutor for beginers
    Any way thanks for your notes
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    the methods pointed out by urie are a lot easier to learn ,and more efficient and less likely to get errors .so how can you say your method is for beginners . I cannot think of any beginners who would want to go down that road ,when there are much easier way to acheive it.
    the whole excercise is pointless for 99% of people.