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    I am doing a project for school and i don't know for sure if this is correct, and i am hoping someone here could advise me.

    The Question i need to provide a solution for is:
    --==This is what i have done==--
    Create a Group called "Employees" and a group called "Management".
    Create a OU called "Employees" and a OU called "Management".
    Add the users to the corresponding OU.
    Assign the users to their corresponding group.
    Create a directory on "Server1" and name it "timesheets"
    Share the directory "timesheets"
    Grant full permissions to all users
    Security tab, uncheck inheritance, click copy.remove special permissions entry
    Select the one named “Users (…” and has permissions set as “Read & Execute”, then click edit.
    Change it to the management group.
    In the selections box named “Apply onto:”, select “This folder,subfolders and files”, and click OK.
    In the permission list, uncheck "Traverse Folder/Execute File", click OK
    Add Employees to the permison list, then click edit to change the permissions
    Set Apply onto to "subfolders only" and set permissions to read only.
    create a directory named "Template" in the "timesheets" directory.
    place an excel timesheet template file inside the directory "timesheets\Template"
    name the template file "template"

    Does this sound right? Oh and the OS is Server 2003, and the server is a domain controller. the users and groups was added to Active Directory.
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    I'm not sure i understand your post. The Test Users and groups i created where created in AD (Active Directory) because its a domain server. The rights are comming from the folder