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    Nov 21, 2009
    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I use Windows 7. I am a reasonably experienced user and can wipe disks and reinstall Windows without any problem. I do back up my important data on DVDs as well as external hard drives.

    What I would like to know is there any way of stopping files being encrypted by these viruses?

    I have not been affected, but if there was a way to protect all my files I would like to know. I do not want to use any form of encryption. Ideally just making files read only would suit me, but does this really work? If it was of value is there any way to protect all the files on a drive with one command? Ideally it would to make all JPEGS, FLAC, APE,DOC files read only in all folders and sub folders.

    Would be very grateful to hear the opinions of some of the experts on this forum.
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    Nov 21, 2009
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    Interesting bit of kit, I had never heard of this before. What I was hoping for was just a simple software solution. Does making a file read only really stop something like Cryptolocker?

    Perhaps I am over reacting, but the item on the BBC News website caught my attention. After doing a bit more research I have tried Cryptoprevent on the Foolis**t website - check with Virustotal first to make sure. I am not allowed to give the link. This changes Windows policies to make installation of malware more difficult.

    Still cannot find any information about making files read only, and whether this does any good. I keep all my data on a separate partition and would just make the whole drive read only if this worked. Sorry if I am being stupid, but one of the problems with sites like this is that the experts are so far ahead of the ordinary readers!
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    This happened to me once, but I was using a virtual machine to surf which I do a lot now days. I deleted the infected .vhd and copied back my backup .vhd I keep on a couple of external HDDs. So glad I do that.

    A friend of mine had it happen to him, but he restored a recent system image and that solved that.

    Both may be "clunky" solutions, but they work for me.
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    Im experiencing this problem as of now..
    also made a thread abt this forum under
    win 7

    so if any1 knw how to decrypt the file then pls helpl me...