Dell E6430 BIOS Intel RAID Option ROM Update Needed for RAID0

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by bradleybaldwin1, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. bradleybaldwin1

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Dear fellow enthusiasts,

    I do a great deal of field IT work and am constantly running very LARGE and numerous tools on my field laptop. There are certain tools that I run that take up to 120 seconds to completely load due to their size plus databases. I've maxed out my memory at 8GB, the proc is a high-end core-i7... but of course my bottleneck is the hard drive. I've already switched to a good 6gb/s SSD, but am more interested in RAID0 for better performance. I have two SSDs in the laptop now (one in it's regular slot and one in the optional modular bay).
    My problem is that the Dell Latitude E6340 BIOS comes with a horribly limited Intel RAID Option ROM (accessible by pressing ctrl+i during bootup). It is limited to RAID1 only (recovery). I have heard from other enthusiasts that it is a smaller "neutered" version of the actual full-sized Intel RAID Option ROM.
    My intent is to get help with replacing the existing Intel Option ROM with the latest fully featured one to make use of RAID0.
    I have researched my controller/chipset/etc... and all are perfectly capable of RAID0 and 1.

    Can someone help me with this? (Yes I am aware of failure rates, etc. And I always carry a backup baseline image of my laptop with me in case of corruption). And we have several of these laptops set aside for field losses, so it's no big deal to take the risk of flashing a new one.

    Thanks very much in advance, as this will really help me out in the field.
    Great Forum by the way!!!

    -Manufacturer: Dell
    -Bios revision: E6430A11
    -Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS (I think)
    -Bios Download Link: (MDL wont let me post the link since I'm a newby, but search for E6430A11.exe from any browser and you'll find the dell download site)
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    Sep 30, 2013
    I own a e6400 with 2 ssd disks, one regular and one in the modular bay. I managed to modify my bios (i used the intel raid rom of the M6400), so now i can choose raid 0, raid 1 or recovery. But the main problem is, the drive in the modular bay is marked as Ext, so the raid rom doesn't allow to create a raid0 with an Ext disk. I'm trying to reverse the raid rom to get out the Ext check, but it doesn't seem that easy :/