Dell M4400 Phoenix ROM BIOS Plus 1.10 A19

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    I'm sorry, but as a nube I'm very confused. I just need to see what OEM keys are in my bios version A19, so that I can insert the proper "certs" in my copy of Windows 7. Version A18 added the Slic 2.1 tables for the install of Windows 7 and I'm only speculating that they put keys (not even sure if right term) that will activate all versions of windows 7 in the bios. Been looking through this forum for several hours and I just got confused, but it appears that Phoenix makes it hard to open and/or modify there bioses(?). What tool do I need to use to view my Phoenix ROM BIOS Plus ver 1.10. I tried to perform xxxxxx.exe -writeromfile, but that does not work. Thanks for your help ahead of time!!!

    Edit - I was able to get the bios .exe to extract using the -writeromfile and -writehdrfile. Will I need to know what is in the Dell bios file slic table so that I insert the right certificate into windows?