Dell Optiplex 390 BIOS Extracting/Mod?

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by gunny2k9, Sep 26, 2013.

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    Any one know a way i could extract and mod the A10 BIOS for this...

    Ok reason why the 390 (old model unit) is based on H61 Chipset and the latest optiplex unit the 3010 is based on the same H61 Chipset (and yes i have both units hence i know) ... the 390's bios only shows/allows it to be set in ATA Mode while the 3010 allows user to set ATA or AHCI ....

    now some great users found out that you could mod the Vostro 260 same H61 Chipset to enable/change the default dell settings to allow the user to select AHCI in bios when dell chose to disable it

    I want to do this to the Dell Optiplex 390 BIOS A10

    NOT looking to slic mod or anything else as it already oem activates XP/Vista and 7 by default and has a 7 Pro COA, so my request is a legit request

    or could i use something like Universal BIOS Extractor to backup and some how mod and reflash ? no ide or even if i have any recovery bios features icase it screws up

    ..only recently got these 2 dell units and trying to fix them up for max speed ... got ivy bridge cpus in them now, 4gb 1600mhz ram and wd black drives but not having AHCI on the 390 is just stupid !!!

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    Did anyone get this working? I have a Optiplex 390 and would like to enable this. Ive got the HDR file but dont know how to flash it back in to the bios.