Dell Precision 380 SLIC

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by BBCHAMPs1106, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Hey Man I have what you looking for.

    Hey guys, brand new tohis forum, and from the looks of t, you guys are the best.

    Anywys, i have a dell pecision 380 (yeah i know another dell right?) and i was lookingto add SLIC into it.
    I have updated it to the latest A09 bios thinking i could get vista to activate, but it was a no go. My mobo is a 0CJ774 i believe, and was looking for help.

    I have it on my Dell Precision 380 with a BIOS that have Slic 2.1 Can confirm that is working With a Dell OEM Windows 7 Ultra 64 bit. Have not try a 32 bit yet. Can upload an image of the software to free file hosting web sites: www dot rapidshare dot com. Please e-mail me at flower_s1(at)hotmail dot com. In title put I need a SLIC 2.1