Dell Studio 1735 Bios, how to add OPROM?

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    Mar 17, 2013
    Hi everybody,

    I have a Dell Studio 1735 laptop and want to insert a Mini PCI Express
    card with an SATA3 controller into it.
    The SATA controller is ASMedia 1061.

    Unfortunately, the machine does not boot with the card installed.
    Bios hangs when it's looking for bootable devices.
    I can neither enter the bios nor boot an OS when the card in installed.
    I tried various bios options but it simply won't boot.

    station-drivers has a Bios oprom module for the ASMedia controller.
    I want to integrate this rom module into my Bios.
    Maybe that will make the Bios handle the controller properly.

    I am not really familiar with the Phoenixtool (having v2.14).
    I do not really want to temper with SLIC stuff either.
    I just want to integrate the ASMedia rom module.

    Here is what I did:
    I loaded the Dell bios exe A05 in Phoenixtool. I chose Dell slic
    (from what I understand, Phoenixtool won't do anything unless I
    choose a SLIC, right?).
    I go to advanced options, tick "No SLIC" and "Allow user to modify
    other modules", hit go, wait for message "You can now make manual
    alterations to any module in DUMP directory". I copy the rom file
    into the DUMP dir (do I have to rename it somehow?), hit OK,
    it says "Success".

    I look at the newly created Bios file, it became bigger by about 2 KB,
    whereas the rom module has a size of 32KB.
    When I repeat the process and don't copy the rom module into the
    DUMP dir, the same modified Bios file is created.
    So something is wrong. I didn't dare to flash my Bios
    with that file.

    Can anyone help please?

    (I am not allowed to post links yet).