Dell studio xps model 1647

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    Apr 3, 2012
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    I have dell xps 1647, it was working great until i decided to upgrade the bios to V 11 through window.
    However it freezes and crashed. Now I can not boot the computer it is totaly down and when i power in the dell nothing happen ( black screen) no logo nothing whatsoever. I read through your forum how to make a bootable usb recovery file.

    My problem is that I cannot extract the bios.wph or other files from my the bios flashing downloaded from Dell.

    I used the 7-zip and I extracted files and Data and Data files I found a file about 5,128 MB with no extension.
    I renamed this file to Bios.wph. I believe this has to be the Bios update.

    I used the HP format tools steps, but nothing happened. is the flash16 is not working ?
    I waited about 6 min and I didn't see the usb blinking. what am I doing ?
    Note: if I used the wincrisis, It won't recognize the usb i dont' know why.

    Please if someone can help extracting the files, and which flash16 I am suppose to use i would really appreciated.
    I can not post a link unless i have 20 post, u can download the bios straigh from Dell
    this is Studio XPS Laptop - 1647 running window 7.
    Also how many or what are the file i should have inside the USB drive? hidden files +unhidden.

    Please Help ASAP, i have work to do and It has been one week. Dell support won't help me and they said the best way is to change the motherboard. This is a BS, this is the easiest way for them to make money i guess.

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    May 29, 2014
    How did you fix this ? I got the same problem with my dell 1647. Many people was successful in recover dell 1640 and 1645 with phoenix crisis recovery method but I am unable to apply this to my dell 1647. I hope you can give me some instruction.