Dell Vostro 200 Modded Bios Hangs

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    Mar 28, 2015
    I am trying to patch my Dell Vostro 200 with the Modded Bios found in the All SLICs 2.x (Modded Bios List) thread post 4050

    -Motherboard : Dell Vostro 200
    -Bios Revision :
    -Bios type: AWARD

    Modified by: NoJuan999
    SLIC: DELL-FX09-1.0BAWRD 2.1
    Cert: DELL
    Modded with AWARD SLIC Mod 1.37
    Mod method: ISA

    Modified Bios link:
    DELL_Vostro_200_1.0.1.6_DELL-FX09_SLIC_2.1_ISA.rar (DELL Cert and AWDFlash Included)

    I have build a bootable usb using the instructions provided in the thread titled Make A bootable USb drive For Flashing Fom DOS in the Windows 7 section

    the system boots to a dos prompt I type AWDFLASH then press enter, AwardBIOS Flash Utility v8.94 loads I type the filename of modded BIOS (713D1S50.BIN) and press enter, then it asks if I want to backup the current bios, I say (Y)es then ender the filename OLD.BIN I press Enter and the system freezes.

    I have also tried building a bootable USB using the Rufus tool, it still crashes in the same place with the following error:
    Runtime error 200 at D83A:F014

    Has anyone got any ideas how I can get past this and backup then update the BIOS?
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    Feb 27, 2011
    first test ram then try making backup with universal bios backup tool then try flash without backup in awdflash.
    check awdflash version 8.94..
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    You need to be careful and use correct switches or you will lose MAC address i,e, reset to FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF example below with correct switches
    awdflash bios.bin /cc/cd/cp/py/wb/sn/E
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    took me a day to think about it.. how can you backup a file to read only bootable cd ?? :confused:
    make usb dos with RUFUS!! :clap: