Dell XPS 13 (L322X) bios update? files to be extracted

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    Hello everyone, I am new to MDL. I do have an issue with a Dell XPS 13-L322X. I have tried extracting the BIOS update using 7-zip, winrar, and universal extractor and the error I receive is Windows C++ Overlay and it fails. When I do lunch the L322XA10.exe to extract the files from the temp folder is "ERROR 255 - You need Administrator privilege to proceed the BIOS update!" Dell has made it almost impossible to extract the bios. The Bios is a Phoenix secureCore Tiano setup. If anyone can please extract the flies I would greatly appreciate it. I am unable to provide any links or images due to the new account, however if you contact me via private message I can provide with the direct link. however you can google Dell XPS L322X System BIOS and the file is L322XA10.exe version A10.
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    Hello Here is are the extracted files .