Dell XPS 420 BIOS Mod And Recovery For Windows 7 Activation

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    Aug 17, 2010
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    Pardon my ignorance as I am not very familiar with BIOS modding. I would like to confirm whether any of these BIOS mod can be used for my computer for Windows 7 Activation.
    a) XPS420-MOD.EXE (rebuilt Dell flash utility) Mod by Shakeyplace (B9K SLIC 2.1)

    b) XPS420-A07-SLIC21.EXE by dexterman

    It appears that both mods can be used without any problem. Then again, in the event of bad BIOS flash, what are the chances are of restoring my mainboard's BIOS to its original state and the risk of my mainboard becomes damaged or unusable as a result of flashing the modded BIOS?

    It is suggested in several forum posts that it is essential to create a Phoenix crisis disc or recovery disc before any flashing. Well, the BIOS is a Phoenix BIOS and my computer does not have a floppy drive. So, can someone provide a direct link in this forum that suggests ways to recover the BIOS? The method must be suitable for my computer. Other than creating a recovery disk, what else should I perform as a precaution before using the BIOS mod?

    If I am to use this mod, will it affect the stability of my system?

    After using the mod, can I still install Windows Vista in my system?