Dell XPS M1330 Bios Password Removal

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    Jun 26, 2012
    I really need help removing a bios password on an xps m1330
    i would appreciate it if you can help me out the letters i get are the following

    thanks in advance
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    Feb 27, 2011
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    password generated is
    if it dont work what is the Version of bios ?
    need newer and force flash with usb

    Making file:
    file name is THUA12.HDR from M1330A12.EXE -writehdrfile in CMD window (drag and drop the exe to dos command window then add -writehdrfile with a space after .EXE)
    this will make M1330A12.HDR that u rename to THUA12.HDR and put in fat usb sandisk brand works others might too!

    Forced Recovery HDR Flashing:
    TAKE OUT Hard disk before flashing and trying the password. (to make sure it dont lock hdd)
    unplug battery and AC power cord. plug in USB . hold POWER and END WHILE PLUGIN IN AC POWER CORD then let go once on.. (sometimes works with no power button held)
    battery light blinks orange pink blue means its flashing.
    now it powers off and now its A12.. try the password with CTRL Enter