DirectX 11 is included in Windows 7 ?!

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by HamidFULL, Aug 20, 2009.

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    Aug 1, 2009
    ATI is suppose to come out with a DX11 card late this year but Nvidia card's won't be out until sometime next year.
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    Jul 29, 2009
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    Developers are still at directx 9 and some one 10.....I think it will take a while before they swap to 11 ;)

    PS: I know about Dirt 2 :) (Directx 11)
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    Aug 19, 2009
    When Windows shows Directx 10 or 10.1 under Windows 7, its showing your cards Directx level, not Windows!

    Directx 10.1 is actually fairly close to the real Directx 10, Directx 10 was feature reduced due to the power Nvidia had at the time. Many of the features of Directx 11 were meant to be part of the Directx 10 series, all of which ATI support on their 10.1 cards that Nvidia doesn't support!

    When Directx 11 games come out, some of the features will be hardware supported on ATI cards whereas the rest of the Directx 11 features that they don't support will be taken up by emulation (apparently). The same goes for Nvidia cards, but since Nvidia support none of the different features between 10 and 11, the emulation won't be worth the drop in speed. The speed drop for ATI on the other hand should be worth it. This is mostly speculation (although I'm sure the emulation part is true), I guess we'll just have to wait.

    Talking about few Directx 10 games, there are even fewer Directx 10.1 games, despite the fact Directx 10.1 is significantly and noticeably faster than Directx 10. This is due fully to Nvidia pushing their weight around, it can be denied as much as they like but any game coming out or has been out since before Vista SP1 that isn't Directx 10.1 capable would have been prone to this. Actually some games that were meant to be Directx 10.1 were restricted at the last minute, such as Bioshock (I think it was). Since Directx 10.1 has extremely good antialiasing speed etc, Nvidia didn't like the fact Bioshock showed better performance at high level & AA on ATI than Nvidia cards!

    Any game that has the Nvidia logo on it that doesn't support Directx 10.1 in my opinion is a bad thing, its just really disappointing that we've been held back due to Nvidia pissfarting around too much with their proprietory Physx system to keep their hardware up to date! Bring on Directx 11 compute shaders and OpenCL (which are both supported on current hardware) and bury Physx, which is limited to Nvidia only hardware!

    There are a few Directx 11 games in development, the one I'm looking forward to is Mafia 2. The original was in my opinion, the best game of its type back when it was released (the PC version, the console port version sucked), its still enjoyable to play now. There is a lot of driving involved in the game, the developers spent a lot of time getting the driving physics as realistic as possible. The car handling in Mafia puts GTA to shame, GTA 3 which was out at the same time had woeful graphics & performance in comparison, and car handling was so bad its actually not enjoyable to play.

    Actually there are some very nice graphics mods for Mafia, some of which you still need quite a decent computer to run :)