DirectX November 2010

Discussion in 'Application Software' started by windsman, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Jan 11, 2010
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    The directx web installer says nothing to update, only 'advantage' is it gives you the option to install the Bung Foolbar (aka Bing Toolbar). The web installers have been known to not be the most reliable install method...

    Wait for the updated redist, the nov 2010 redist, it usually takes several days for the redist to show up on the website. The link in the web installer download page for the redist is NOT the new one. Also, if you search for the redist on Google, note that just about every site is calling the web installer the redist. The redist is NOT the web installer, its the full ~100mb download. Sure, it has a lot of files not relevant, but it is truly the only reliable installation method :)

    These Directx installs are really only beneficial for programmes and games designed to use the latest months code. I completely disagree with the stupid system of having a new, incompatible but cumulative file for each release, like with c++ runtimes, directx, and Nvidia Physx etc. Its completely pointless and jus uses extra disk space. A much better approach would have been to have just a singular file that just has new versions additions/changes referenced internally, instead of repeating over and over the same code like in these files. It wouldn't cause problems with compatibility, since if a programme is compiled to use june 2010 Directx, it will just look at the cumulative code to june 2010 in the runtime, a programme compiled for the November 2010 Directx can use the same file but use up to the November 2010 code reference in the file.