Disable Hybrid Graphics (Insyde)

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    Ok, to run the nvidia drivers on linux, I need to disable the intel integrated GPU on my dm3-1104tx.

    I got scammed :mad: with this laptop as the specs did not specify switchable graphics but only the nvidia GPU, and the HP support team are useless (probably they are forced to follow flowcharts...), anyway more hackin' for me.

    Using marcan's python scripts I got my setup.txt ( View attachment setup.zip )

    and I found this in it:

    Apparently it seems that im out of luck :( as the only Option in this One Of is 'Hybrid', but i have one last hope, I fount out that on other computer (non HP) there are two other options :

    So I gave it a try using vtenable.py (i know it was originally written to enable vt, but you can use it to change anything) to change the value of 0x258 from 0x2 to 0x1, but I had no luck with that... (lspci | grep VGA confirms this).

    any ideas??

    thank you

    and btw, what are the 'Flags' for?