[DISCUSSION] Patch WMC to run on Windows 10 final & possible alternatives

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by ricktendo64, May 8, 2015.

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    I think you might have missed an important step.....I have made the text bigger for you.
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    No amount of gerfingerpoken is going to get v12 to install with w10 Version 10.0.10586 on my machine however v8 install does succeed -- of course it can't then get the epg set up (I'm in LA). But using the v12 BackupRestoreSettings on the other w10 install that's the previous version of windows and was a v12 wmc install that set itself up with minimal fuss (had to try it twice IIRC) and moving the SettingsBackup folder and registry keys to the newly upgraded machine worked nicely (did it before yet another install of v8 so first thing wmc sees it's already setup).

    And of course because I'm using v8 scheduled recordings weren't happening but adding the network service user to the administrators as mentioned in the workarounds of v12 fixed that up nicely -- hopefully it's not a security issue...
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    #1 Use a good browser, like Vivaldi

    #2 Use a good ad block SW, so no Adblock (especially plus). Use uBlock Origins

    and/or don't use the borowser at all. Get jdownloader an use it for any download from any cyberlocker.
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    My Motherboard for my gaming 10 machine is out to service :(

    I'll try this out once it comes back and I'll try to write it in layman's words so it's a little better for the NooBs...

    Yea, I am Very techy, I had to read it 2-3 times to understand fully what is going on. I can understand how it can be a little confusing for someone who is not really techy...
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    I have had a recent issue with "display driver error - the video playback device does not support playback of protected content". It seems to only happen after waking from sleep mode. A computer restart fixes it, closing and restarting wmc does not. I think it started either after changing to v12 from v10, or after an update to my video driver. These items changed at about the same time. My monitor is "not" hdcp compliant on dvi, so I use analog (HP 2335 1900x1200) and I have an amd hd7700 based video card. I guess I will try rolling back my driver first as that is relatively easy, but maybe this would be a good excuse for me to consider a new hdcp compliant monitor if it would fix the issue! Any other thoughts on if the change between v10 and 12 could create this issue?
    Thanks and otherwise it works great!
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    I really appreciate this approach- looking forward to see if I can manage. My present installation is working nicely as I said without any of these issues everyone reports, perhaps because I have a clean upgrade from W7P 64 bit and have not manipulated Registry etc.;)
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    Give your "eyes" a break and your 7700 a chance to show off. Get a new monitor with HDMI (or at least a 1080 TV "100 bucks on sale").
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    Good evening to you I installed initially before I make the upgrade to windows 10 the issue of November because my system is to windows June 10 about that. So far so good I'm going to open the program and I did not opens all necessary the re INSTALLATION again I do not gets vain. The problem that occurs is my self here: 0x800f0922 what to do? and ran these commands: sfc / SCANNOW
    Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / ScanHealth
    Dism / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoriChealth
    post f***ed uninstall I did restarting my system and reinstalls again nothing.
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    Tuners not found (Win10.0.10586, InfiniTV4-PCI,

    (Perhaps apologies are appropriate: I posted this problem on "theGreenButton", but I'm pressed by a flight out of town and don't have time to learn if cross-posting is bad form.)

    This morning my desktop ran Win8.1 & WMC w/o problems. After verifying WMC installed on my laptop and played TV files, I loaded Win10 expecting no problems because others seemed to have installed WMC successfully. No such luck for me.

    AMD 1055T + 16GB + AMD video card.
    Win10 (just updated) -- Release 10.0.10586
    WMC port V2.1 (Couldn't get WMC to start with other release)
    Ceton InfiniTV4 PCI (s/w de-installed and re-installed after Win10)
    InfiniTV diagnostics: "Reset Network Settings" "failed to reset". All else, including Channel test, were successful.

    Every WMC function accessing tuners fails, but recorded programs are playable.

    Device Mgr indicates Ceton devices/drivers are fine.

    MS [cable device manager (or whatever it's called)] isn't on system (nor in WMC release), so I couldn't try that. (Solitary downloadable copy was Suspicious.)

    Other posts indicated a tool under "Extras" is useful (was it cable device mgr?), but I never found -anything- under Extras of use.

    I'm at a loss. Perfect timing: in the morning, I'm heading away for two weeks... sigh.

    Tx for any help!
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    At one time I had the monitor connected by dvi but it is not hdcp compliant so it couldn't be used with media center and my hdhomerun tuner. The analog connection allowed me to still run at the native resolution, 1900x1200, so it is hd with minor black bars top and bottom. I like the slightly taller wide screen, so I am considering a Dell 24" Ultrasharp. I was also considering bumping to a 25 or 27" wqhd 2540x1440. I do a lot of windowed tv watching while working. I guess I need to quit delaying and get something. Thanks for the input.
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    Hi all…first post. Possibly some of you could advise me on this problem..New clean install…
    WINDOWS 10 ENTERPRISE x64 BUILD 10586.164 VERSION 1511
    Wmc ver12 DISM said Installed successfully
    Using Ceton 4 Tuner…Install ceton infintv setup for win8 (only drivers which work) Successful..shows tuners, activation etc.. says all OK
    DCA installed successfully....installed playready…says installed successfully
    Started Media Center…Ran DCA…said successful…tried to set up tv…got as far as entering zip code…WMC crashed & restarted…unsuccessful in getting it to do anything else…uninstalled….reinstalled…tried installing ver 8 over top…wouldn’t let me do that…reinstalled OS & above programs plus LAV…tried installing ver 8….same thing…crashed at entering zip code…have just completed 3rd clean install of OS….Thought I would post before installing WMC, DCA etc. in case someone may see something I may have missed? I can clone my win7 disc & just upgrade to win10 if necessary (or the best way to go) ….Thanks in advance
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    I thought I'd write up a clear and concise guide in one place as to how you can get Windows Media Center running with xboxs working flawlessly.

    The groundwork:-

    After reading all the posts for the past 20 pages it seems a lot of people are struggling with getting things working because there not starting from a clean slate and are finding weird behaviour usually because there system has gone through a long history of installs and uninstalls and now weird stuff is happening. I've never ever had these issues but then I never uninstall! If i want to start again i dump an Acronis image of my PC setup perfectly with all drivers installed and no application software. This will leave you in good stead if something goes wrong no labourious sequnce of uninstalls and reinstalls just reinstall afresh again. So it may be a good idea to spend time installing a copy of imaging software such as Acronis True Image and learning how it works and make a bootable USB stick or CD so you can image. Also make sure you use either one parition or HDD for your operating system and one for your data and that you clearly seperate the two. Then when things play up or you think you've tanked your system again you can dump a fresh image of your OS on your OS Drive.

    To get Media center with Xbox's working:-

    1) Download and make a copy to a USB stick of the "wushowhide.diagcab" for safe keeping later:-

    2) Unplug your computer from any source of cable internet access.

    3) Using your Windows 10 DVD you have made use it to reimage your HDD and let it go through setting up Windows 10 again but don't connect to any wifi or other network as part of setup.

    4) Once back into Windows 10 type into the Cortana search box GPEDIT.MSC when it come up navigate in the folder structure on the left to the following key "Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update\ Then find on the right "Configure Automatic Updates" double click and dot "Disabled".
    This will stop Windows 10 immeditaly grabbing updates unless you go into [ Start > Settings > Update and Security > and click "Check for updates"] which you can gladly do after step 6. After a few restarts this area should show in red the text "Some Settings are managed by your organisation". You'll need a decent vesion of Windows 10 in my case Pro where these settings are allowed to be altered to set this!

    5) Ok so Windows is reimaged and at baseline version and has had no chance to update itself but lets check. So if you go to the Cortana Search box and type Winver and click on it it should show a version of windows as Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.0) which is the baseline version with no updates now you can plug your internet connection back in or establish wifi connection. If it shows a higher version then your machine grabbed some updates at some point.

    6) Run the tool in step 1 and Go Next and it will detect problems / Search for updates then you hit a fork in the road choose "Hide Updates" and in the list of updates you need to tick to hide these two:-

    Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3116278)(KB3140741)
    Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3124262)(KB3140768)

    The KB numbers may have changed again on both of these as Microsoft have altered them before but if you don't see the KB numbers you will see only two with the text above and you need to tick to hide them and next. You have now stopped Windows 10 from grabbing the updates that kill xbox's working on Windows 10 but you can go grab any others. It might be a good idea to take an Acornis image here you can go back to.

    7 Download and install all the following:-

    Download RDP Wrapper:-
    Install / Configure RDP Wrappr as follows:-
    Run as Admin install.bat Then once installed run update.bat then once thats done run RDPConf.exe Make sure no red text make sure "Single session per user" is unticked and security mode is "Disable Security" and Session shadowing mode is "Full acces with users permissions"

    Download Media Center V12 Installer:-
    From the 1st page of this forum which takes you to the page where version 12 was first posted:-
    Download Media Center Version 12 Installer and unpack to a folder on your system

    Download the tweaks to the standard v12 installer from Post #3987 on this thread:-
    Download Mcx2Prov.zip right click on it where you downloaded it to on your system and from the general tab tick the Unblock box and OK then copy the Mcx2Prov.exe file out replace the existing copy in \bin\MediaCenter. Check that there is no unblock tick box at all showing on the general tab of this file otherwse this isn't going to work,
    Download NTRights.zip and copy the file inside into \bin
    Download from my website the already tweaked ready to go install.bat file so you don't have to edit it bolexh16user.net/Install.bat and put it in \bin
    Now run the the Media Center Installer using installer.cmd using run as admin. Once installed try and pair your xbox's
    Install your Emby, DVB Link, HD Homeruns etc

    All should be working. You can grab any other windows updtes now to prove you can update without killing the xboxs now the 2 files that kill them wont be comming down!

    Now onto my two new problems:-

    Problem 1

    I'm trying to ultimately move away from accessing media center on TV's round my house on xboxs to using Intel NUC's with of course a main Desktop PC running media center with the Tuners cards in it located elsewhere.

    I now have Recorded TV Manager fjdrasch.com/v4/v4start.htm succesfully shuffling any recordings made on the NUC onto the main Desktop PC after they record but I would like to try recorded TV broker that supposedly takes any request for a recording from one machine such as my NUC and puts it on the guide of the Main Desktop so it records it instead. Therefore not recording it on the NUC therefore not needing the Recorded TV manager software to shuffle. This simple app should supposely communicate and update the guide on the main one if you broker all reording from the source machine I.E. The NUC.

    It seems like the program is pitched to a particualr .net framework and hasn't been updated since windows 7 i have researched the problem and found a fix that gets the app on both machines communicating via the test button whereas before i was getting a hideous error when trying the test button so they are seeing each other now. But still if i record a program on the NUC it does not appear on the Guide of the main desktop. This may be a windows 10 issue or not. I have windows 10 on the NUC and the Desktop.

    I have uploaded the Windows 7 installer in this zip file. If you try it on Windows 7 you just need to install the installer. If you try on Windows 8-10 you need to drop the two included .config files into the C:\Program Files\babgvant\RecordingBroker folder as these config files which have the following in them:-


    <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true">
    <supportedRuntime version="v4.0"/>
    <supportedRuntime version="v2.0.50727"/>


    Which gets the main exes to find and work with .net framework 4 i think. This came from a discussion bizarely getting another Media center app working discussed here:-


    If anyone is running Windows 7 on two machines who would be able to test this and confirm it works that would be great.

    Problem 2

    I love the Media Center cast program that the guys behind the Guide Tool called "1geek1tool" created. I purchased an activatiion but my email address does not activate the program and emailing them to there main email results in an undeliverable bounce back. It maybe is there wbeiste and it will work but its been a few days now. If anyone has got Media Center cast to activate on windows 10 i would love to know! It workd fine during the trial period!

    For Your information:-
    Unfortuntely i have found depsite having play ready installed that a test DMR rights wma audio file i was told to donwload to test DMR files can work through the xboxes i have does not work. It provokes the destop PC to download DMR software to play the file in media center but it it fails to play on the xbox's for all those in the States trying to get it to work this may not be good news.

    Does it seem like the Ceton Echo , Linksys DMA Extender issues are insurmountable?

    Best Regards

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    thank you for this Aril 1st joke...it cannot be anything else?

    Honestly, I would not even think of that this is the need to have a 360 to work in Windows 10, sorry.
    If so, I am out.:eek:

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    Finally I've tested the infamous remote FX.

    I was a bit scared because the usual M$ mess of licensing and technical requirements to get it working (and looks like I wasn't wrong :D).
    But once a guinea pig (like me ;))has tested it and explains the traps along the path, it isn't that hard to get it working)

    What you need:

    #1 A server OS.

    Not any server OS, obviously.

    Server 2008r2 standard is fine

    Server 2012 standard could be fine as well but, in that case, you can't install a copy of WMC on it as we don't have a packed/patched win8 (b9200) version

    Server 2012 R2 is OK.

    #2 A supported VGA card

    Better if AMD, given Nivdia adds more troubles, as usual.

    Requirements are different between 2008r2 and 2012 R2, the latter wants a dx11 VGA with WDDM 1.2 drivers at least.

    A mid/low class ATI card with 512 MB of RAM is enough for our purposes tested 2012r2 with a cheap and relatively old HD5450, and even the low specd integrated mobility HD4200 I have on my Microserver worked decently on 2008r2.

    #3 A supported client OS

    That OS must be installed on the virtual machine you want to share through Remote FX, one remote machine is more than enough for our purposes, but you can have many, so you can chose the best combination for you w/o any downtime.

    P.S. yes you're going to share the WMC installed inside the VM, not the server itself !!!

    And here there is a further complication, as remote FX wants an enterprise version of the OS, or Win 7 Ultimate but, as you know only WMC is not officially available on any Enterprise OS.

    So Win7 Ultimate is the only option that meets all the official requirements.

    Obviously you can use Win 8.1 Enterprise and install the WMC10 on it, but in that case you are forced to use 3rd party codecs.

    W10 Enterprise will very likely do the job as well, but I'm not sure the DVD player is installable there <---(Abbodi, any clue about that? :g:).

    That said...

    The above isn't yet enough. because the Server must not be a Domain Controller, nor part of a domain.

    Which means a further complication. as (officially) the only servers that have all the BDA and multimedia driver already installed are:

    Windows Home server 2011, Windows Storage Server 2008r2 Essentials, Windows server 2012 Essentials and Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

    The former two aren't Remote FX friendly: I tried to make the RFX package for them, as I did for the (required) HyperV Role.

    Installing it makes the Hypervisor useless (likely because some Active directory components already present on them)

    The latter two have the mandatory domain role, which (see above) blocks the Remote FX as well.

    So what?

    Excluding Server 2016 which likely will work out of the box (not tested yet in that scenario) the remaining options are.

    Server 2008 r2 Standard and install manually the missing multimedia components (there are a lot of guides about that) or

    use my old trick with server 2012R2 Standard: install the essentials role it w/o taking the configuration steps, then install the WSEMP (windows server essentials media pack) on top of it.

    -------------------------------------The needed work, in short--------------------------------------

    After that long investigation, if you already know all I discovered the work is relatively easy.

    Basically install the server OS, Install the required roles (Hyper V, Remote Desktop Session host, Remote desktop Licensing bits)

    Create a Virtual machine and install a supported OS on it (see above), install WMC on it if not already present like on W7 Ultimate case.

    Configure the WMC, configure the remote desktop access, add the user to the remote desktop users group (it's required even for the administrators, unlike the plain RDP.

    Add the remote FX VGA, reboot the virtual machine and you're done.

    ------------------------------------What You Will Get-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Once all is working you will get the WMC accessible from any Remote FX aware client. Including Linux, Android phones and tablets, and (I guess) MACs and iPhones.

    You will get the full experience including the aero transparency (if you are using Win7) and, ast but not least, you will get the WMC working even in full screen mode.

    If you are using the RDP patch you will still able to access the WMC using the plain RDP mode.

    If your server is powerful enough and your connection is fast, you can even play 3D games, even if you are using a tablet from the AD 2003 or a cheap Android phone.

    All in all... the final result looks amazing.

    As usual, not everything is perfect. If you want to use the app "seamlessly" (only the single app shared, not the whole desktop) as I demonstrated few pages ago, the RFX protocol isn't taken in account so the connection is downgraded to the plain RDP protocol.

    Also, with the plain RDP you can use an arbitrary resolution in RFX is not the case, there are a number of working resolutions just like on the VGA control panel, but I still think the idea is more than good and is a pity that MS put it in a forest of artificial complications.

    Now I stop writing, if you are interested you have just to ask.

    inn the meantime I'll keep investigating about the best possible combinations.
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    Good morning I have the 11 version installed on my computer (With windows 10 home 64 bit 1511) but when select programs for recording is made never become and I do not know what to do really.
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    Post with normal size font maybe :eek:
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    Fix recording problem in v11

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