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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by itsmemario1, Dec 14, 2019.

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    i don't think anyone here has managed to install Windows 10x to hdd directly :p
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    Looking around a found what they claimed was the Latest version of Windows 10X 20279 according to my Feedback Hub.
    Also the menu items Icons are newer & fewer that my Emulator install 19578
    This one I installed the Flash.vhdx in Hyper-V

    Win10X Hyper-V_ 1bRun_ 6Feedback w-BuildNoB.jpg Win10X Hyper-V_ 1bRun_ 7.jpg

    Edit: A few details on the copy I downloaded & installed:
    File name: Flash.vhdx
    Size: 3.60 GB (3,868,196,864 bytes)
    MD5: E9282BEC4E4FCE30ADD1E0FD6EF1A6D6
    SHA-1: 0A87D3D7B5DDFCC55A2A23BE844BCE97D5B4C451
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    Until a newer build is available here are what I did w/ my desktop images in the Hyper-V installation.
    1- is one of 2 defaults
    2- is one (Asian Girls) I found in the MS Store
    3- is one off my One Drive taken during my Tavarua (Fiji) Vacation
    Win10X Hyper-V_ 2aStore_1DesktopImages_ 0b.jpg Win10X Hyper-V_ 2aStore_1DesktopImages_ 4Desktop.jpg Win10X Hyper-V_ 2aStore_2DesktopImages_ 1ibSuccess.jpg
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    Yesterday I wanted to have Windows 10X (Hyper-V) installed on another Win10 partition so I exported the files, moved them over to the other partition, setup Hyper-V, copied the exported files into the new 'Virtual hard disks' folder, completed the wizard & clicked 'Finish'.

    This worked very well as my Un & PW are there, desktop & all my settings are the same.

    While testing this copied W10X out I came upon this in settings (attached below) naturally I turned it on.

    I am now hoping a newer build will come my way & not some OneDrive stuff.

    Win10 x64 Pro 1 TestRig1_ 1Hyper-V setup_ 6eB.jpg