dm1z-3000 whitelist removal

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    As far as I know bios for dm1z-3000 is not hackable and there is no tool at present time which completely can remove whitelist restriction.
    Having this machine I dumped bios and tried to replace old wifi IDs to new one. After changes the main issue is to flash bios with new modified image. I tried several times with different tool:
    • placed 01611.bin (from dump, 2 mb) instead of 01611.bin (actual, 2.18 mb) in Insyde Flash Utility folder with .bin image (archive sp50519.exe for F.03 and archive sp52331.exe for F.05) - got error wrong signature.
    • placed 01611.bin in HP_tool/Hewlett-Packard/Bios/New and P_tool/Hewlett-Packard/Bios/Old on usb stick and tried to flash bios after startup-F2-bios management - got wrong signature error (If I place here (Bios/New) old unmodified image 01611.bin with .sig file, the utility flashes bios well)
    • used flas**t 1.4b to flash from DOS and get netx errors:
      C:\>flas**t 01611.bin
      Error: IHISI 10h fail. Internal Error 20
      FBTS: Permission is denied by user
      c:\flas**t /x /mc 01611.bin
      Chipset Support : ICH8
      Flash part Support : SST25VF016B
      Detecting Chipset......
      Error: Chipset not supported
    As far as no one tool can help me I am asking for help, was anybody able to flash modified bios on dm1z-3000? Or may be someone could suggest another tool to try with?
    Thanks in advance! Help is much appreciate.