do you like American accent?

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    i can't tell how it sounds. i've heard it all my life. it kinda sounds bland & boring to me. (Northeastern USA, it sounds similar to Toronto, Canada's accent)
    although, Montreal english accents are cool, especially when it's a female.
    that french twist makes it sound unique/fragile/vulnerable.

    some British accents are soothing, others are too perky & makes me tired.
    i like Scottish, Wales accents. (has a mysterious, spiritual sound)
    Irish accents can be hard to understand.
    i love Jamaican accents.. it's super cool, hip, and fancy. bar none, my favorite.

    so.. how do you like American accents?
    and is it easy to impersonate?
    also, if possible, specify which country you're from. (not required.. but im curious)