Does Vistaloader or Wow work in VHD

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by bowhunter, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Will Vistaloader or Wow work in MS Virtual PC

    Quick question before I attempt.

    I am running Vista64 Ult with Bios upgrade.

    I am also using MS Virtual PC with Vista32 that needs activation.

    Can I just use Vistaloader or Wow (suggestions?) to activate the VPC of vista32,sp1, or will that screw up my main os which is Vista64, sp1.

    I would hate to try this and find out that even though I was in a MS Virtual PC, the activator changed my main system information.
  2. HSChronic

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    WOW6 should work fine. VPC is it's own BIOS so you should be fine. Though you might want to just look for a modded Virtual PC BIOS file.
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    Jan 12, 2008
    I looked for a bios mod for ms virtual pc....found one from ??? one of the moderators. File name was "virtual pc_asus_slic.exe" I downloaded it, renamed it, replaced original "virtual pc.exe file (saved the original something else) then ran vpc and keep getting an error message. Figured it was because the vista32 vhd was created before the bios I created a new vhd. Tried to start it and got the same error message.

    My true HW bios contains an oem asus slic.

    If you know the location of ms virtual pc bios mod, it would be appreciated.
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    Use Vistaloader 2.1.2 or above on the virtual machine, it should work fine.
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