Dos Apps run in (or from) WinPE

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    Jul 7, 2011
    I posted this in the scripting section as well...

    Ok, so I've got a project I'm working on and need some help going in the right direction. I'm trying to run all updates and diagnostics from a WinPE 3.0 platform used on a current WDS server. WinPE running perfect updates scripted correctly but I need a way to run Dell 32-Bit Diags. Normally it is a floppy or .img file that loads from DOS. There is no WOW32 built into PE so no 16 bit dos apps will not run. Is there any (easy) way to run a DOS application after Windows shuts down in a "BIOS Update" style? Normally during a BIOS update it copies data to the hard drive, utilizes the HAPI interface (for Dell at least) and applies the update after shutdown, saying "BIOS update in progress." Does anyone have any ideas for getting Diags to run in the same fashion? Maybe a custom app??? Thanks in advance!!!