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    Jun 18, 2012
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    Recently picked up a malware which redirects the opening page of each browser , IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome to a search engine Cleaning "Internet options", and "Manage addons" has no effect. Did a google search for "do searches virus" and found several pages telling me to do that, remove any recent program additions, and then run Mbam or some other program , all of which I had already done to no effect.

    I then ran regedit and searched for dosearches and found that it had been set as the default search engine for each browser.
    deleted each line containing dossearches and saved.

    Then went back to the desktop and right clicked each browser shortcut and found that each not only opened the browser but also Fixed each so that it opened only the browser.

    Rebooted, and the problem was solved.

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    Aug 29, 2013
    i tried to remove dosearches manually, but no luck, i'm not a technician though, just don't know how to fix regedito_O