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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by leis, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Apr 6, 2012
    I have drivers-issues at present with Acer monitor (S201HL) model, as I attempted to update windows 7 driver straight from acer official site, and it downloaded by zip file that WinRAR intercepted alright. I didn't see any DLL of the 2 sub files or once extracted(?) I'm not real clear on WinRAR and usage of zip files, unpack(ing) but like to click on the Wizard whenever opportune. I don't think the driver updated correctly, though, and will be seeking info. from the Acer website, because of the contents that a setup info. was one part of it and what must be or from what I thought was the driver but again, it wasn't DLL or exe and shouldn't be application when we're talking about a simple driver and updating...

    As far as audio drivers, since recently I installed a sound card that was suggested for my computer from Creative and the particular Sound Blaster I didn't end up keeping and uninstalled when i found lessened the sound that my onboard was greater without (at least) that sound blaster/card. And still some of the sys files from that whole trip is still remaining on computer. But that's not of issue, really whereas getting audio drivers correctly updated is what I'm trying to get going (now).

    Earlier, from going on Biostar for any drivers to update, i allowed Driver Detector as recommended by BioStar, to scan computer for proper drivers, etc...and it revealed that there are 5 drivers that need to be updated. I uninstalled software or the tool, afterward and attempted to follow the drivers as the report showed, that is, to get proper updates, starting w/the acer website's one driver for windows 7 as i mentioned above.

    That same report indicated 2 of the drivers were High Def. Realtek and i updated the high defs. so i thought, but most likely haven't got the right drivers in right place. (duh).

    Anyway, before this goes into overtime and mess patrol, if anyone has any suggestions or recommends of recovering or getting correct drivers, etc....I welcome your input and thank you for the time-in in this regard. Of course, there's the roll back to earlier date(s) of win. 7 but i was kind of holding off on that and maybe get a better handle on getting control of proper drivers if the downtime's not .... more, that is.


    My computer's Biostar AMD procr. A740G M2+ audio's not digital therefore, analog speakers.

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