Dual nVidia Video Cards NO SLI *GPU OPTIMIZATION help please*

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by Droophoria, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Feb 5, 2008
    I've put an extra 9600gt pci-e card in my secondary slot.

    My intentions was not to do SLI *I can't do SLI anyway without hacked drivers because this is an AMD chipset mobo* but to see if I could possibly use the GPU on that secondary card to help enhance the rest of the os.

    I have Server 2k8 R2 installed and the desktop experience and such installed. basically a hopped up w7 on good drugs.

    2 x PCI-e ( 1 x 2.0 x16 + 0 x 0 OR 1 x 2.0 x8 + 1 x 2.0 x8)

    so I'm aware I went from x16 to x8 on the primary video card but as I do SOME gaming it's not the main focus of this rig. not to mention I was hoping I could use that extra GPU now *no monitors hooked up to the secondary* to just help crunch math and increase performance overall on the whole rig.

    I've rtfm'd (probably not enough) and spent alot of time on nVidia's site and I KNOW I read articles about doing what I'm speaking of but I can not find it now.

    Does anyone here have any info or help they can offer on what I'm trying to do? :confused:

    Any help/info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :worthy: