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Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by AQUAR, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Often there are boot issues when trying to multiboot into a MS windows OS pre-loaded with softmod activators.

    For what its worth here is one process that has worked really well for me since the early days of Vista.

    Before I let the cat out of the bag maybe a bit of insight first. However please note that I am no expert on multibooting and hoping that the MDL gurus here will correct and expand on my 2 cents explanation.

    The MS way of multibooting, forces an install hierachy that dictates where each OS can be installed and where boot system files will be located. This happens even if partitions are set hidden in the MBR partition table with the 10h flag.

    With such dependancies, a selected OS chain load boot process will pick up emulation detail from other OS partitions. That leads to boot failure if each installed softmod doesn't emulate the same hardware. Another issue is that you can't hide the system partition as it holds vital boot information needed to load each OS.

    True multibooting means that each installed OS can start fully self contained within its own partition, that is without reference to any other partitions.

    Daz's loader is the only one that applies a trick marker to maintain that independent boot loader process. This feature was included to satisfy one of his fans with a unique multi OS setup (makes for interesting reading).

    The other approach is to trick the MS OS install process to not recognise the other partitions as valid, and thereby be forced to install itself in a fully self serving way.

    I've used the third party bootmager "BOOTUS" that super hides partitions and lets me multiboot with XP, Vista, Linux etc in any install order with whatever activators you like. I am sure there are other boot programs that can also do this.

    The process is quite simple: install an OS, install the activator, install the boot manager, super hide partitions except the one for the next OS install, and repeat untill you run out of primary partitions.