Easy usb bios flashing iso's

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    I though i would post 1 thread for all the ISO's i have made for the easiest bios flashing for different hardware.

    You'll need to download what IOS is need to flash your bios and your bios, then download UltraISO trail will work fine.

    Extensions are shown in ( )

    AWDTubroFlash - AWARD Motherboards (BIN)
    NVTubroFlash - NVIDIA Video Cards (ROM)
    NVTurboForceFlash - NVIDIA Video Cards (ROM) **FROCE FLASH**
    TurboPhlash - Phoenix Motherboards (WPH)

    is an ISO CD/DVD image file creating/editing/converting tool download the trial and install it

    Run UltraISO and open the iso you downloaded by clicking File>Open, now rename your bios to BIOS and make sure it the right extension, then drag the file onto UltraISO now make sure your usb flash drive is plug in then goto Bootable> Write Disk Image, 1st format it to FAT it must be FAT to work! then leave it on Write Method USB-HDD+ and select you usb drive then click Write

    Then restart you pc and hit your boot menu button to bring up your boot menu the select usb/removable or if its not there it be under HDD it should auto start the flash program if you have followed all steps correct :biggrin: